Boys Don't Fight


Solo Music Project

I started writing songs when I was 15. Over my career I’ve released music with multiple collaborators, but never have recorded or released music exclusively created by and for myself. When the American Utopia tour was coming to an end, I started recording and producing tracks—some old, some new. I’m currently working on mixing and mastering my debut solo album under the moniker Boys Don’t Fight.


The name of the project comes from the Italo-disco song, “Disco Clone” by Cristina. She sings as one of many cloned go-go gals pouring into a packed disco. “Boys, don’t fight!” she implores. I intentionally removed the comma.


I’ve performed as BDF several times, playing my own music at small venues in New York, like Pete’s Candy Store, The Way Station, and Dixon Place. My live set is piano-based, but my album sounds as rich, nuanced, and electro-poppy as the music I’ve made for Half Straddle for years. Check out some of my tracks below, as well as some covers of other artits' work, and visit for details on upcoming shows and album release dates.