Performer/Composer/Music Director


I started working with Big Dance Theater—the Brooklyn-based dance theater company helmed by Annie-B Parson and Paul Lazar—in 2005, developing, performing in and creating music for The Other Here, which premiered at The Japan Society in 2007. Since then I've performed in Comme Toujours Here I Stand (2009), Supernatural Wife (2011, also composed original music for), Man in a Case, starring Mikhail Baryshnikov (2013), Alan Smithee Directed This Play: Triple Feature (2014), and Short Form (2016).


Excerpt from Man in a Case, in which I sing Owen Palett's "E is for Estranged" while Mikhail Baryshnikov and Tymberly Canale perform the piece's final dance, with video design by Jeff Larson.


Performing with Aaron Mattocks with Cynthia Hopkins pictured on video. Video Design by Jeff Larson, Photo by Brad Harris.