Graphic Design


For a brief stint, I was pursuing my Masters of Science in Communications Design at Pratt Institute. Although I never completed that degree, I have worked professionally in graphic design, creating promotional materials for various theatrical productions, websites (including this one!), and typesetting printed matter, namely with 53rd State Press. Favorite projects include: Neal Medlyn’s Pop Star Series (for which I designed a wayfinding footnote-type system), an early pamphlet version of Ariel Goldberg’s The Estrangement Principle, and my father’s historical fiction novel Sweet Muse of Madness.


See below for selected examples of my work.


cover of Pop Star Series

Cover of Neal Medlyn's Pop Star Series, photo by Todd Oldham.
TOP IMAGE: Spread detail from Neal Medlyn's Pop Star Series, published by 53rd State Press.


Pop Star Series spread


Pop Star Series spread


Pop Star Series spread

More spreads from Neal Medlyn's Pop Star Series.


detail from Ariel Goldberg's Estrangement Principle Pamphlet

Detail from an early pamhlet version of Ariel Goldberg's Estrangment Principle.


Ghost Rings LP Album Sleeve

Album sleeve for Half Straddle's Ghost Rings Live Album.