Resident Composer/Sound Designer/Performer


Since 2008, I've worked with writer/director/founder of Half Straddle, Tina Satter, to create original music, soundscapes and scores for all of the company's theatrical works. Starting with composing original music for The Knockout Blow in 2008, all the way to co-composing (with Erin Markey), arranging, music directing and sound designing their recent production of Ghost Rings at New York Live Arts, Tina and I have created a canon of songs which have been performed collectively on several occasions, including 2015's Half Straddle Forever at Joe's Pub, with guest artists and a live band.


I've also performed as Joel in House of Dance on tour at Cutlurgest in Lisbon, Portugal, as well as contributed original music for/performed in Half Straddle's upcoming webseries.



New York Times, "Review: Tina Satter’s ‘Ghost Rings,’ an Elliptical Tale of Lost Connections" — Laura Collins-Hughes, April 2016

New York Times, "Plunging Teenage Angst Deeper Into the Woods" – Ben Brantley, January 2015

New York Times, "A Tap-Dancer in Training With Hopes as High as Falling Stars" – Ben Brantley, October 2013


Excerpt from Ancient Lives, which featured my original score which I performed live on stage with loop pedals while wearing a badger costume.


Performance of "I Can Try" from Nurses in New England (2010) performed at Joe's Pub as part of Half Straddle Forever in October 2015, with Jo Lampert and Julia Sirna-Frest, and Kimberly Clark on vocals.


"My Cartouche" from Half Straddle's Family (2009).