Drag Queen/Beauty Guru


Kimberly Clark is my drag alter ego. She has a YouTube Channel, with 50K+ subscribers and 2M+ views, that focuses on beauty, anti-consumerism and social justice. She's performed at BUSHWIG, Joe's Pub, The Kitchen, Bath Salts (at Don Pedro), private parties, corporate events, the YWCA of Bergen County's 95th Anniversary Gala and The Platinum Pony in Easthampton, MA (which has since burned down).


Her YouTube Channel also features a webseries called "Kimberly Hangs" and her popular "Antihaul Videos" in which she reverses the trope of the "haul video"—in which one describes items recently purchased—by describing new makeup and beauty releases that she is "not gonna buy." She also has a new series called "Listen Up!" in which she tackles social justice issues like gender, consumerism and drag, as well as interviewing special guest thinkers.


Kimberly's most recent YouTube video.


Playlist of Kimberly's live performances.


Playlist of Kimberly Hangs, a webseries in which Kimberly Clark hangs with a friend during the day, at a fun spot in the NYC-metro area.