Sound Design/Original Composition/Music Direction for Theater, Dance and Film


In addition to working with Half Straddle and Big Dance Theater I've created original compositions, sound scores & designs and music directed many live performances, focusing on experimental theater and dance. I've worked with Young Jean Lee, Mac Wellman, Faye Driscoll, Katherine Brook/Tele-Violet and Jackie Sibblies Drury to mention a few. I also socred the 74 minute documentary Front Door Blue Sky about The Wooden Floor, a community-outreach-driven dance studio in Los Angeles, directed by Karinne Keithley Syers and Jennie Liu.


Samples of my work can be found below, but please consult my CV for additional design, composition and music direction credits.


Excerpt from You're Me created by Faye Driscoll and performed here with Jesse Zaritt. I created a dynamic 28 minutes fantasy dance section that was DJ'd live via Q-Lab.


Excerpt from Pink Melon Joy by Katherine Brook/Tele-Violet. This transition between Acts II & III showcases a soundscore made from manipulated video game music and digitized nature sounds as well as live vocal modulation.